Miriam Durango

News from other planets

For this system the question does not consist in the organizing of society, in establishing forms of power, but in putting a rigid idea into practice, one could consider this a manic behavior, this obsession opens the way to the game of profit, without opponents, a more and more abstract profit, a more and more virtual profit. The last adventure of the planetary goal is the consumption of accumulation, this neurosis of making money, this decoy of profit, profit for profits sake, prepared to take on any kind of hardship, hoarding all territories, to be more precise the complete world, without restricting himself to geographical limits. The real world seems swallowed, swallowed by this virtual globe that is being presented as reality, and we have the feeling of being caught in this hollow balloon, in a trap without exit. It is not the globalization, a vague concept, which weighs heavily on the politics like an immovable slab of stone and paralyzing her; it is a very concrete politics, the ultra liberalism, to service an ideology which suppresses globalization and enslaves the economy. The most important issue to her is private economy making mega-profits, faster, bigger and at the expense of everyone.
The strength of the current system which exists on global magnitude is based on anonymous action, not perceptible and therefore untouchable, and due to it all the more oppressive. To free us from this, it is urgently necessary to make it disappear.
We are not experiencing the rule of economics over politics but the opposite, the elimination of the real concept of the economics, which is being replaced by a certain politics with the regulations of an ideology; the ultra liberalism. Once again ultra liberalism is trying to pose the shaping of economy but is only making deals, has claimed to trade but has only speculated. A realistic and modern logic basically wants this cult of the workplace to disappear and this anachronistic concept of unemployment to disappear, which is a worldwide torture. If this concept disappears what a frustration for ultra liberalism! Which loss of coercive methods, possibilities for extortion, possibilities for exploitation and methods for submission. With its programmed mission today, with its sacred workplace, being limited and requiring flexibility, requiring a backbone’s flexibility, or else the risk of losing the income, or even finding one, or even getting one some day, exits, and we may not only suffer from lack of money but from social rejection as well, and therefore there are almost no subversive factors today, but only this feeling of the impotence in front of globalization, which they want to project as god’s will and in front of which we are lost, to be permanently thankful to our fate, to be thankful for what does not kill us immediately or destroy us completely.

English translation of the text from the video 'News from other planets' with kind permission of Miriam Durango